Ogden Art Group Meeting and Pole Barn Update

Thursday was the Ogden Art Group meeting and Pat taught a partly curving weaving technique that she learned from Anna Faustino’s book Simply Stunning Woven Quilts.  Pat did a terrific job and everybody did their own thing.

Pat is a talented painter and this is what she brought to demo the technique for us:
Pat woven piece

Lucy used classic grey and black fabric.  It’s an elegant combination, don’t you think?

Lucy woven piece

Then Margaret used tone on tone fabrics.  It’s hard to see in the picture I took.  The blinds were broken so lighting was not the best, but she created a very subtle texture with her woven piece:

Margaret woven piece


Karen started a project different from everyone elses.  Her piece will have curves within curves and she used a vibrant color palette:

Karen before

Karen both halves
Maggie and I didn’t start a piece.  She’s packing and getting ready to head off on vacation, and I had just finished a piece using the woven technique for the Blank Fabric Challenge, so didn’t want to make another one.  Instead, I happily took pictures, got some magazines out from the library, and knit away on the kimono baby jacket.

And last but not least, the pole barn now has the overhead door attached. 

overhead door installed

All that’s left is for the rest of the gravel to be graded around the barn and the doorknob and dead bolt to be installed on the human size door.



2 Responses to “Ogden Art Group Meeting and Pole Barn Update”

  1. Aida Costa Says:

    I love weaving fabric strips!! I used the same technique to make a bunch of fabric postcards (pics are on my blog). It’s always a surprise with that technique. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Rose Anne Says:

    OH WOW I love the baby kimono!
    Also I just LOVE the before and after pics of the curving weaving technique – I’m going to have to investigate this further!
    Thanks for sharing.

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