Making Memories 2009 Block Completed

My 2009 Making Memories Crazy Quilt block is finished and in the mail.  For the last 2 years, members of the Crazyquiltinternatinal Yahoo Group have been donating their time and embroidery skills to create crazy quilts for the Making Memories Organization.  This year the theme was butterflies and dragonflies, and the guidelines allowed us to use our embroidery machines.  This is my block:

Making Memories Finishedb
It is a combination of sewing machine embroidery and hand embroidery.  The center butterfly was from A Stitch and a Half.  The dragonflies were from Criswell.  My daughter purchased some embroidery designs for me as a birthday present last year and the dragon fly design was in one of the packages. 

The center butterfly is all rayon threads – mostly from Madeira.  Each dragonfly had a different colored thread for the wing outline, then Sulky Sliver was used to embroider the rest of it.  I broke 5, yes 5 needles, sewing out those dragonflies.  It was worth every one of them.  That thread made the dragonflies come to life.

Before you all think this was a quick project, after spending an afternoon sewing the crazy quilt block, one evening was spent going through designs on the computer, the next evening I spent arranging the designs on my sewing machine screen, then test sewing them.  The forth day I sewed them all out on my pieced crazy quilt block hoping and praying I had everything arranged so that butterfly would be where I wanted it – smack dab in the center patch of my pieced block.

Then I added the hand embroidery – the seam treatments.  They were a lot of fun and I enjoyed selecting threads and colors for them.  Threads used were KNK silk buttonhole twist, DMC rayon, DMC cotton floss, Oliver Twist variegated, Krenik metallic, DMC metallic, and some of my hand dyed 12 wt cotton.   That took 2 days.  What takes me so long is deciding what stitches to use and what thread combination look good with each other.  2 seams were totally redone and I enjoyed every single minute of that process.

Last but not least are the tiny butterflies scattered about the block.  We couldn’t use beads on this block and I had the perfect little butterfly buttons and beads that yearned to be on that block. Putting them firmly out of mind, I went back to my sewing machine and found a 9mm butterfly design.  Perfect!!!  Out came the threads again.  This time I used 30wt variegated and solid Madeira cotton threads and some Madeira rayons.

I hope it arrives safe and sound to our esteemed project co-ordinator.  She’s a saint for putting all these blocks together into a quilt.  A big round of applause to Debbie!!!



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