Baby Kimono Sweater

There is nothing quite like knitting baby garments.  I was in a huge knitting slump after my beloved cat Coco passed away and tried to ease back into knitting by making a facecloth.  It was something I needed, and knit it hoping to get out of my slump, but it didn’t work.  After the dishcloth was knit, the knitting needles went back into the cabinet.

While sorting through my old hand knitting magazines, I came across a vintage baby kimono pattern.   Babies = rebirth = happiness = inspired to knit again. 

Baby Kimono Sweater
Is that not the most adorable baby kimono?  The sleeves look like wings and I can just picture an angelic baby girl in this sweater.  The wired bow is on there just for the picture.  I will be sewing a very soft elastic around the neckline to keep the sweater in place.  A silk ribbon bow will be sewn to a removable snap.  This way it can be removed when the sweater needs to be washed, and the baby will be in no danger from a dangling ribbon.  It can be put in place for photos only. 

This was knit with one strand of Soft Lilac Moonbeam yarn and took only 1 ounce. 

A pole barn update – it is totally finished. I haven’t gotten out there to take a photo yet as I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago Friday, felt better, reinjured it, felt better, went to strength training Tuesday, and reinjured it again.  Now I’m staying put.  Hopefully, it’ll start feeling better soon, because this is the same leg that is undergoing vascular laser surgery next week. 



6 Responses to “Baby Kimono Sweater”

  1. Aida Costa Says:

    Oh wow! This is so sweet 🙂 I really love the chevron stitch pattern.

  2. kathi everett Says:

    Hi! This is so weird! I was reading your CQI post and clicked on your blog and I see my friends Christy (modeling slips) and Elaine (showing her felted fish). This isn’t that strange since I live in Batavia BUT what is interesting is that you and Nicki are in a swap together!
    I am very good friends with her! I have roomed with her for 2 yrs at a retreat from the HGTV message board!
    That is a small world!!
    I love your work by the way.
    We should meet someday!

  3. Stacey Saltzman Says:

    can i puchase a kimono sweater and if so, how much are they?

    • dianemiller Says:

      I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t do custom knitting any longer. Thank-you for asking though.

  4. d Says:

    love the sweater. where can we purchase the pattern?

    • dianemiller Says:

      The pattern was in a magazine ages ago. I’m sorry I don’t remember when, and the sweater now lives with someone else. Thank-you for nice comments and Happy New Year to you.

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