October RAFA Meeting

My leg surgery was cancelled this week, so I was able to attend the October RAFA meeting, and was it ever a great one. I missed most of the business meeting but we now have elected officers and are preparing pieces for 2 upcoming shows.  Show and tell is always wonderful and there is lots to share with all of you this month.

Sara made some beautiful vessels, but unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of them. Everything goes around the room so quickly, it’s hard to get pictures of everything. She was using dyed silk batting and dyed fusibles to shape the vessels and the one that had Shiva paintstick highlights was my favorite.

She also showed a small quilt:

Sara small floral piece

If you double click on it, you’ll see the beautiful quilting she did on this.

Donna had the cutest dolls:

Donna's doll pins

Now these are the best ever dolls because when pin one to your jacket, any and all goodies your bring home from a quilt show, fiber fest, etc… were not made by you. You can blame the doll for making all the purchases and go home with a clear conscience. LOL I just love Donna’s sense of humor.

Caren and Donna also made some fused glass pieces:

Caren's fused glass

Donna's fused glass

Neither one of these ladies had ever tried making fused glass pieces and don’t you think these are spectacular?

Caris was wearing a great jacket – the Nonaim Coat:

Caris Nonaim Coat

That pattern is sitting on my cutting table and was the next jacket I planned on making. I had no clue as to what size I’d need. Caris is petite and she looked terrific in her jacket, plus the fabrics she selected are wonderful. She was very nice and let me try it on. Now I’m not remotely petite but the jacket fit pretty well. I was very surprised as she made the small size. Now I have a good idea what size and adjustments I’ll need to make for mine. Thank-you Caris, and you sure looked good in that jacket.

Nancy showed her finished Chinese Moon Bridge piece:

Nancy's bridge

This is a small piece, around the size of a notebook, and it is absolutely gorgeous. There is a lot of hand stitching on that piece and the Chinese chop on the left is her name. She also told us why the bridges are built that way.  When the moon comes up, the moonlight shines through the hole, and the image is reflected onto the water.  

And last but not least is Janet. She showed two pieces. This first is a children’s quilt:

Janet butterfly

Don’t you love that the whole life cycle of the butterly is shown?

The second one was started in a QBL workshop and all the shapes are created by thread work:

Janet whole piece

In case you don’t believe it, here are some close-up photos:

Janet circle close up

Janet circle close up 2

Can you believe it? That took a tremendous amount of time and understanding of how thread colors will recede or pop on fabric.

I came home inspired and full of good cheer from spending time with such creative and sharing people. I hope you all enjoyed the show too. You didn’t get to eat any of the great brownies at the meeting, but you’ll just have to come visit sometime.  The door is always open.



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