Leslie’s DYB Face Block Completed

The embroidery on Leslie’s DYB Face block is completed.  Yippee!!! I’m a wee bit late in mailing it, but since Debbie is still out of town, I had some wiggle room.  Here is her little sugar plum fairy:

Leslie's plum fairy finished yahoo

This block actually made my husband smile when he saw it.  It’s way out of my comfort zone, as I’ve never worked with a 3 dimensional face, but it turned out better than I thought it would.  I was really intimidated by having to paint that face, and I know it’s not a work of art, but she does have personality plus. 

I did the gold seam first.  It’s some trim that came from India and is properly glitzy.  The woven rose/pink yarn was hand dyed and there are some deep burgundy beads finishing the seam.  Next to it is a lace motif I painted, then used pink sequins and gold beads in the center of the 2 smaller flowers, plus a larger gold bead for the middle flower.

The next seam started with gold ribbon appliqued in place.  Then I edged it with 3 different colors of DMC cotton floss.  It’s a seam treatment from Jo’s great seam book.  Jo – from New Zealand – excels at seam embroidery and I’m very glad I purchased her little book. 

Next was the holly sprig along the bottom.  I traced it onto tissue paper to get the leaf position and size in scale for the block, then used rayon threads and glass beads for the holly berries.

Last, but not least, was the plum fairy herself.  The wings have 2 layers of Angelina and metallic thread for hand embroidery over them to keep the Angelina in place.  The dress has Sulky Sliver thread embroidered down the center, with glass seed beads along the hem.  I crocheted a Candlelight collar for her as the holes to attach the face are at the neck and wanted to cover the holes.  Some leaves were added to finish off the collar.

Her hair is short, curly and brown – like mine.  She’s sporting a petal shaped hat with more leaves, and some beads to keep her hat in place. 

I hope Leslie will like this block.  It was certainly fun having this sugar plum fairy visiting for a bit.  The little darling will be going to a good home. 



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