Pole Barn Completed

The pole barn was finished a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t been the most mobile this year so didn’t get a picture taken till now.  Here it is in all its glory:

Pole Barn finished
Those walls are 16′ high.  It’s quite something.

Between the driveway and the pole barn is a planting of azure monkshood:

purple flower 1 all for blog
This plant is thriving.  It was under an English walnut tree, which had to be cut down to make the new driveway extension for the pole barn.  My husband left 5′ of trunk at my request, so the plant will still have nice support.  Since we have more than 1,000 trees on our property (and it was a corn field when we purchased it), it was sad that the tree had to be removed, but won’t make much of a difference for fall raking, and the firewood will keep our neighbors nice and cosy this winter.  

The perennial is only 3 years old and is the latest blooming perennial in our yard.  It’s something I look forward to seeing every year.  And here is a nice close-up photo:


purple flower close up great 2 blog



2 Responses to “Pole Barn Completed”

  1. Pole Barns Says:

    Wow the Barn looks fantastic ! Did you use a kit, build from a set of plans or have a contractor put it up for you ?

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