Knitted Baby Bonnet

My leg surgery was postponed yet again. I managed to sprain my ankle but good. Seems there are 3 tendons that meet in one spot on the front of the ankle, and I managed to hurt each one of them. It’s been tough being me this year.

Back to the sofa for yet more time spent with my leg elevated and resting, but not wasted. I have enough yarn to last several lifetimes so decided to knit a baby bonnet:

Baby bonnet, star back


That picture is of the back of the bonnet. Isn’t that a nice swirling star design? And this second one is of the side of the head:

Baby bonnet side


A nice relief lace pattern with a pretty ruffle to frame the face was the pattern for the sides. I didn’t take a front view as I don’t have access to a baby/doll so substitued a ball of yarn. It didn’t look so great with a bonnet on it. Where’s a baby when you need one? LOL

This was a pattern from an old Piecework magazine, and since I’m pretty much well stuck with being on the sofa for awhile, I pulled out something from my stack of “want to knit” patterns and enjoyed every minute of knitting it.  

Next will be a sweater for myself, or attempting to work with some gold threads for Rose Anne’s DYB Face block.



One Response to “Knitted Baby Bonnet”

  1. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    OMG Lady, I love the knitting patterm you did on the little baby bonnet!!! I can’t imagine that anyone could do that with a pair of knitting needles!!

    I’ve just bought some knitting supplies and am going to try to teach myself how to knit!! Because, I really need just one more hobby, you know!!!! It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do…so, wish me luck!!!


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