Rose Anne’s Face DYB Block Completed

Ah, a new month.  There is something refreshing about the beginning a new month.

Rose Anne’s Face DYB crazy quilt block was completed and mailed yesterday.  Here’s how it turned out:

Diane Dimity for Rose Anne Face DYB 

So much was learned on this block.   The  polymer face was painted properly this time.  I really messed up Leslie’s face and am so sorry about that.  This time I sanded, put very thin coats of paint on the face and blended colors.  Would you believe thatface has 3 different colors on it?  It is also sealed. 

Then onto the beading.  Number 6 beads were the base row, followed by a row of size 11.  Then I added the bugle beadswith a small seed bead on the edge.   It sat there like that for over a week.  While it was pretty, it was too round, too isolated, had no movement.  It just sat there on the block doing nothing.  I was happy with the beading, but not how it looked on the block.

A few months ago, I had purchased a book on goldwork and recently purchased a lot of the supplies.  This was the perfect time to attempt my first goldwork embroidery.  I couched the gold strands close to the face with red thread, then curved it every which way, and couched the strands in place with gold YLI metallic thread.  Now that face was smoking hot!!!

As a regular reader of Rose Anne’s blog, I remembered she has a May birthday.  So the next addition to the block was the actual Gemini constellation in the upper right hand corner.  Sparkly silver metallic DMC thread was used for the body withsilver lined clear beads for the stars. 

One more motif was needed to balance the block, so the Gemini symbol was embroidered in the lower left block with thesame thread used for the constellation. 

Unlike everyone else, seams are afterthoughts for me on crazy quilt blocks.  I know I should start with the seams, but every time I do that, I get carried away and don’t have room for the motifs.  Plus, the print fabric in this block had so much interest, I really didn’t want to add a lot of seam embroidery.  It seemed to detract from the block.

The first seam was the one in the lower right corner.  It has red rayon DMC floss, green KNK buttonhole twist silk thread , and crystal beads in the center.  Some gold metallic beads were added to fill in the bottom triangle.

The second seam is a looped buttonhole stitch.  The first pass was done with 2 strands of DMC cotton floss, and the second pass with a lighter color.  It was a simple seam treatment, and I was thinking about adding a third color, but wanted to get the block in the mail.  It was supposed to be mailed by 11/1, but as that was Sunday, I figured mailing it on Monday wasn’t too much over the due date. 

Last but not least, I added gold beads in different sizes scattered across the blue and red star fabric.  I hope that RoseAnne will like this block.  It was an honor to contribute to your wall hanging, Rose Anne.

Now for an update on my leg surgery.  This year, when I haven’t posted to my blog, it’s because I’ve been dealing with medical challenges, and this year has been one for the record books.  The most recent was damaging all 3 tendons in my left ankle.  I just completed my  physical therapy for it.  I tell you, that electric pulse therapy, followed by ultrasound, followed my massage, followed by more electric pulse therapy works wonders.

The ankle is still swollen, but I can walk with no pain, not very far, and not for very long, but I can walk again.  Injuring my ankle, made my knee injury regress, so I’m trying to get that back in shape now.  It’s been a long haul this year, but I’m a firm believer in physical therapy.  Hopefully, the leg surgery will occur next week, and I’ll finally be able to concentrate on strength training.  



6 Responses to “Rose Anne’s Face DYB Block Completed”

  1. Nicki Lee Says:

    Awesome job! This series of blocks is going to be fabulous when finally put together – I’m sure Rose Anne is going to love it!

  2. Rose Anne Says:

    Ohhhh Thank You so much Diane for the lovely celestial block. You did wonderfully and yes each of these has a learning curve I’m finding out, sometimes the hard way! ENJOY the rest and hope you LOVE all your’s when they come home too.

  3. Rose Anne Says:

    OH YES I LOVE MY BLOCK (and the others too)!!!

    I pray that your medical challenges improve sooner than later for you! Take care.

  4. Carolyn Phillips Says:

    I love what you did with Rose Anne’s block! I kept looking at the gold sun rays and couldn’t figure out how you had done them, so I’m really glad that you wrote such a great little tutorial.


  5. Thelma Says:

    Awesome work you done on Rose Anne’s block. I hope you have wonderful results and all pain will be gone from your leg. I know that has to be aggrevating.

  6. Maggie Says:

    I was browsing crazy quilt blocks on Google images and this came up – just had to stop by and let you know how much I liked it!

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