November Rochester Area Fiber Arts Meeting

Last Thursday was the Rochester Area Fiber Arts meeting, and it was wonderful as always.  It’s always nice to see what everyone is making.

Anne has been painting fabric and adding words:

Anne painted 1Anne painted 2
It’s going to be hard to cut into that fabric. 

Caris completed 3 little pieces: 

Caris red

Caris green leaves

Caris gingko leaves

They are all very different and I’m really impressed with her composition skills.  The last one was photographed sideways and when I rotated the picture, it looked very peculiar, so I left it with the sideways orientation.

A new member, Glynis, showed some of her hand dyed fabric.  Her 8 year old son Harry helped with these two:

Glynis and son

Glynis and son 2
It’s wonderful that Harry is so creative.  Imagine what he’ll be making in another few years.

Marcia made a wonderful wall hanging from arranging vegetable produce:

Marcia veggies
Pat shared a work in progress for our upcoming De CaDence gallery show:

Pat music theme

And Sarah modeled the pants and jacket made from fabric she hand dyed:

Sarah silk outfit

She has also been making a lot of jewelry lately and this bracelet was my favorite:

Sarah bracelet
There was even more for show and tell, but some of my pictures were on the blurry side.  Linda finished a fabulous face quilt and Diane was working on a piece for the upcoming De CadEnce gallery show also.  So am I.  Elaine was wearing a great jacket and Julie made a really stunning quilt using cyanotype images.    That photo has a great big while post in the middle of it. ;-(

Show and tell was moving so quickly, I couldn’t keep up with all of it.  Next month I’ll be sure to take my vitamins before I go.  That way you all won’t miss a thing.  😉



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