Gerry’s Face DYB Block Finished

Happy December 1st!!!  This morning I woke up to the first snowfall of the season.  It was a lovely sight, and it’s even better now because it’s all melting.  LOL  Can you tell Spring, Summer and Fall are my preferences?

Gerry’s face was picked up by my mail carrier yesterday and here is a picture of the completed block:


I had a really rough time with this and should have emailed her about it because I really, really, really wanted to make that face into a saloon owner – ala Kitty from Gunsmoke.  Everything would have been red and gold, but Gerry requested we didn’t use red. 

Soooo, this is supposed to be a sophisticated old broad.  First I added a neck out of some leftover stretchy doll face fabric.  Then came the beaded necklace.  The camel coat was cut from part of a felted sweater, and the padded big white collar is a plush felt. 

Next came a veil for her face – to create an air of mystery.  The glove and hat are made from a tanned deerskin I’ve had for ages.  You can’t see it in the picture but each finger is outlined with thread.  The hat is embellished with feathers, metallic leaves and a big glass flower bead. 

I tatted an edging for the bottom seam out of Sulky 12 wt variegated cotton thread.  I love that thread for tatting and fine crochet work.  A dark green DMC cotton floss seam was next, with a small lace motif and another seam was embroidered with variegated DMC cotton floss.

Random cut beads were added to the next block.  It adds some sparkle and you can’t have enough sparklies in your life.

Some of my variegated hand dyed cotton thread was used for the next seam and I highlighted the textured swirls in the fabric for that block.  Gerry’s beloved dog Maggie passed away this summer, and I wanted to include a picture of her in this block.  Unfortunately, my printer decided to break, so the color is off.  That’s why I didn’t attach that frame with a lot of embroidery, because something tells me, Gerry will replace that photo with a better one and I wanted to make it easier for her to remove and replace the frame.

I hope Gerry will like this block and am looking forward to working on Debbie’s block.  It seems like we just started this Face DYB and Debbie’s block will be the last one in the rotation for me. 



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