The Last Days of November

Sunday November 22, 2009, I was one of five RAFA members to present a trunk show at the Schweinfurth Art Gallery in Auburn, NY.  It was quite an exciting day.  I don’t have any pictures as my husband got sick and didn’t stay for the show.  As he’s my official photographer, I lost the opportunity to personally document this happy occasion, but some of my fellow RAFA members were in the audience, so you can see pictures of the event at Priscilla Kibbee’s blog.

My husband and I also dog sat for my daughter last week.  She’s got a beautiful home, and we enjoyed caring for Reilly.  She gets HBO, Showtime, and lots of other premium cable channels, so we caught up with lots of movies while sitting in front of the fireplace, with Reilly by our feet.

Tuesday I got the orthotics from my podiatrist and headed out to shop before we went back for more movies.  All I can say is be really careful if you ever get these.  There is an adjustment period.   I bent over to get something from a bottom shelf at Kohls, and the next thing I knew I was on the floor.  There is nothing quite so embarrassing as tipping forward, then backward, and ending on your butt in the middle of a busy store.

My sit upon is still sore, my good knee got hurt, my bad knee got reinjured, and my ego was bruised.  Ice packs helped my knees, time will help my sit upon,  I’m back doing physical therapy, and I’m in a positive frame of mind.  I know physical therapy works, I don’t need pain medication, and Christmas is right around the corner. 

We had to cancel our Thanksgiving plans, but it was still a good day.  My daughter and son-in-law stopped by and visited.  It was so nice to see them and hear all about their recent vacation.  Then my husband made a simple supper, and we gave thanks for our family, the food on the table, and a warm home. 



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