Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent at my daughter’s and son-in-law’s home last night.  My husband and I picked up my Dad and we took a little side trip to see Lake Ontario so my daughter had a little extra time to get ready for us.  The lake was grey-blue and the skies overcast, but inside our Jeep we were chatting away, and warm and cosy from the heater.

As we approached my daugher’s and son-in-law’s home, the lights outside brightened the way.  Christmas lights bring such childlike joy and excitement to the season.   We enjoyed seeing them very much.

Inside was all light, laughter and warmth.  Their Christmas tree was beautiful:

It is covered with lots of ornaments I’ve made for her.  Plus ever since she was a baby, I’d purchase 2 special ornaments each year.  When she got older, we’d select the ornament together – one for our tree, and one put away for her when she had a home and tree of her own.  Each year as we decorate our own trees, the ornaments we’ve  purchased together brings back fond memories for us.  

We had a wonderful meal and I got to see my granddogs:

Reilly holds a special place in our hearts.  He’s a lovable 8 year old Golden Retriever and so loyal to my daughter.  Deisel – her 7 month old Samoyed – has grown so much.  He’s a free spirit and loves everybody, but my son-in-law is the one who gets up at 4 am to let him out every morning.  Thank heavens my son-in-law is a morning person.  Even though Deisel greets you with this wonderful smile:

I’d be hard pressed to be so cheerful that early in the morning.

Today is Christmas and we’ll be visiting with my Dad, and all the family who are here, to enjoy each other, eat some Italian cookies – my contribution will be homemade pizzelles – and to sing the night away. 

A very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this special day.  Peace and happiness to one and all.



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