Time for a New Printer

It was very nice to see my family on Christmas and now it’s back to what passes for normal 😉 at my home. 

The last few days I spent researching printers.  My wonderful Epson Stylus Photot 2000P bit the dust.  The repairman said it needed new print heads – close to a $700 bill, my husband and I attempted to clean it ourselves and it didn’t work, so I reluctantly started doing research on new printers.  There are lots and lots of them out there. 

Reading printer reviews from a multitude of websites, asking for advice on various yahoo groups, and coming to a decision on what to purchase took me days.  I did not realize how much I rely on printing out information, then reading it, and comparing pros and cons on paper – instead of a computer screen. 

I resorted to drawing a cheat sheet for myself and filling in the columns for what I liked and disliked.  There are so many different types of ink now.   I knew I wanted either Durabrite or Ultrachrome ink as I like printing on fabric and these 2 inks have great durability, don’t smudge, and hold up well to washing.  I finally placed my order yesterday for an Epson R2880.  Hopefully, it will arrive before the end of the year, so I can spend New Year’s Day testing it.

My grandmother always said whatever you do on New Year’s Day is what you’ll enjoy doing for the rest of the year.  I always make sure to knit a little, sew a little, eat what I love, talk to everyone in my family, and kiss my husband a lot.  😉  Hopefully, I’ll be able to add print out lots of fabric on New Year’s Day to the list this year.

A little sewing was also accomplished yesterday.  We had the warmest day we’ll have in a long time – it was a whopping 40 – so I measured the bed in our new little RV so I could make a custom mattress pad for it.  That didn’t take long at all.  One of the cushions was brought inside so I can make custom covers for the 3 that are in the RV. 

After dealing with so many health challenges in 2009, we’ll take it out for the first time sometime in 2010.  It’s fun and exciting to get it ready for its first trip.  

Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year to one and all!!!



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