Yeah, My New Printer Works on Fabric

Yesterday was a nice day, and true to yesterday’s blog post, I did everything on New Year’s Day I wanted.  In fact, here is a photo comparision of a fabric print I made:

Yes, my new printer does a nice job printing on fabric.  The new printer image is the one with 2880 on it.  I couldn’t believe most of the fabric I had printed with my old printer is no longer in my possession.  That’s a good thing because the art work has sold, and I was lucky to still have this in the house.

The only thing I’d like to fix, is that little bit of a black line that appears between the 2 wings.  I purposely put the numbers close to them so they could be easily spotted.  Has anybody got any tips on how to avoid that from happening?

If you double click on the image it will enlarge so you can spot the black lines better.  It happened with my old printer too, so it might be the way I’m attaching the fabric to the cardstock.  

The ink didn’t smudge at all, and I poked at it with my finger less than a minute after it came out of the printer.  I’ll wash the 2 pieces next, and then do another comparison photo. They probably won’t get washed till next week though.  We’re having a party here, and I’ll be in full fledged cleaning/cooking mode for the rest of the weekend.


One Response to “Yeah, My New Printer Works on Fabric”

  1. Pat Says:

    I don’t know why the black lines appear – probably someone who knows the inner workings of the printers will – but, if that is the leading edge of the image (i.e. went through the printer first) then just note somewhere how far from the edge it appears and design your page layout so that amount will be cut off.

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