The Wash Test for my Printed Images

Another day, another fabric experiment.  This time I washed both the old print and the new print, dried and ironed the pieces:

This is not a very controlled way of comparing yesterday’s photo with todays though.  

First – because the light was different on the 2 days the photos were taken.

Second – even though I used the same adjustments to both photos in Paint Shop Pro, I’m not sure I used the same claifying strength.  That will remind me to write everything down from now on.

Third – the old fabric print has been air cured for almost 3 months.  The newly printed piece had only been air cured for 1 day. 

After those disclaimers, I have to say I’m pleased with the results.  The images are still both very nice, and now I know the fabric I print with my new Epson 2880 can be washed without losing a lot of color. 

These small pieces were hand washed as I was afraid they’d fray too much in the washing machine.  I used Kirk’s Castile soap and used the same motions I’d use if I was soaping up a washcloth.  They were dried on a white towel so I could see any ink runoff, and the towel stayed nice and white. 

Am I done with experimenting?  Not at all.  Next I’d like to air cure a printed piece for at least a week, and wash it with a freshly printed piece to see if there is any difference.  The mad scientist in me keeps on asking “What if?”, while the artist in me would like to know exactly what steps will result in the best images.  Then there is the consumer in me who says, try all the feeders, use different papers, and see exactly what this new printer can do – while it’s still under warranty.  😉

Good golly, who knew I had so many people inside this one body.  Stay tuned.  Who knows?  A few more might emerge any moment.



3 Responses to “The Wash Test for my Printed Images”

  1. mari little Says:

    fascinating – thanks for posting

  2. girl startup Says:

    Thanks for doing these tests. I’ve been searching high and low for people that have used epson printers on fabric and showing before and after shots of washing results. How long after you print the fabric can you wash the fabric? Does it have to dry for 24 hours first or can you wash it almost straight away? I would love to see some more tests.

    What material did you use?

    • dianemiller Says:

      I waited 24 hours before I washed the fabric but I’m pretty sure you could wash it straight away. I’ve done it in the past, but didn’t take any photos. And I most definitely will be doing more tests and posting the results. I really like this new Epson printer.

      The material was a Pfd White – Cotton Silk Voile that is on my website – under PFD fabric.

      Thank-you for taking the time to leave a comment. Hugs…

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