Debbie’s Face DYB Completed

Debbie’s Face DYB block was completed this morning and I promptly took it to the post office so she could receive it this month:

Debbie asked for a Christmas theme and lots of toys.  No one had used a nutcracker, and I do so love nutcrackers, so I printed a Dickens themed Christmas nutcracker for her on my new printer.  The notebook that came with the blocks has a picture of Debbie dressed up as Mrs Santa in a Dicken themed Christmas gathering, so hopefully she’ll like a Dickens themed nutcracker.
It didn’t look great on the square though.  The center piece was a big piece of red fabric and the nutcracker’s jacket disappeared into the fabric.  Out came my trusty box of doilies.  Yes, I have a box, and it is a good sized box, full of doilies.  The nutcracker looked great against the doily, and doilies are a very Victorian type of thing to put on a crazy quilt block, so problem solved. 
I fused the nutcracker to the doily, so it can be easily removed if Debbie doesn’t like it.  You never know.  She might want more of the block fabric to show.  There wasn’t any room for seam treatments, so this block is different from the others in the DYB.  I wanted the block to have options, just in case she doesn’t like my choices. The nutcracker is also sewn down in lots of places to make sure it doesn’t separate from the doily.
Next I went into every other doily hole with some gold cord I got from India.  It really made the block festive.   Next the doily was stitched to the block.  Presents, a Christmas cat, and a violin were clustered around the nutcracker’s feet. Pine boughs and pinecones were embroidered along the top and 2 sides.
Those pinecones were definitely a labor of love, and I have to admit, they were my favorite part of embroidery on this block:
I didn’t have the correct thread type so wrapped 3 strands of DMC floss to get the thickness I needed for the cast on buttonhole stitch pinecones.  This stitch is much easier to do with 1 strand of pearl cotton thread.  The threads would separate, then they’d fall off the needle, then the needle poked into my finger, yada, yada, yada.  You get the picture.  It was definitely a challenge, but the block didn’t get a speck of blood on it. 
The pine needles were embroidered twice.  Once with a 12 wt variegated Sulky cotton thread and once with some of my hand dyed pearl cotton thread. 
I hope Debbie will like the block I made for her.  I certainly enjoyed being part of the Faces DYB exchange and will share the pictures of what everyone made for me later this week.
One last picture:
Can you believe it?  This is what my front yard looks like on January 25th !!!  It’s a miracle.  I live in Upstate New York, and it’s quite amazing to see green grass at this time of the year.  It’ll be covered with snow by tomorrow, but it sure is nice seeing that green today.


One Response to “Debbie’s Face DYB Completed”

  1. Sheila Says:

    I found your blog looking for pinecone embroidery. Wow! Those turned out beautifully! Great job!

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