My Faces DYB Blocks Arrived Back Home

As promised, here are the pictures of the gorgeous face blocks I received from the crazyquiltinternational yahoo group Faces DYB.

The first 2 were embroidered by Nicki Lee and Rose Anne:

 Nicki Lee’s reminds me of Cher, and Rose Anne’s brings to mind an Indian princess.  Since I’m a big fan of Cher, I’m thrilled with Nicki Lee’s block, and I love what Rose Anne did with her block.  I’m not sure you can see when you enlarge the picture or not, but Rose Anne embroidered gorgeous feathers and appliqued them to the block.  Her embroidery skills are really impressive, and I love that both the ladies worked with the same bead, but the faces have very different attitudes.

These next 2 were embroidered by Gerry and Debbie:

 Gerry’s face is so delicate and is perfect for a moon goddess.  She even has a crown on her brow.  I’m endlessly impressed by Gerry’s creativity.  Debbie spent an amazing amount of time creating a gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous, flowing mane of hair on her Lady of the North Wind.  You can see the individual tendrils, and I am in awe of her embroidery ability.

These last 2 were embroidered by Leslie:

 I don’t know what to say.  She blew me away with these 2 blocks.  The exotic Cleopatra face on the left wants to dance off the block, while the art nouveau style lady on the right is quite possibly the most beautiful interpretation of that style I’ve ever seen.  The silk ribbon embroidery on this – oh my.  

Am I pleased with these blocks?  What do you think?  I’m ecstatic.  They were going to be used for a wearable art jacket, but no way will I risk these gems on garment.  Now I’m thinking I’d like to bind and frame each one of these faces and hang them as art work in my home.  They deserve to be treated like fine art, because that is exactly what they are.

Thank-you ladies.  I can not express how much I treasured being part of this Faces DYB.



One Response to “My Faces DYB Blocks Arrived Back Home”

  1. Rose Anne Says:

    OHHHH Diane this write up is so inspiring and full of compliments to those in this DYB that I’m just in AWE!!! And I can’t tell you enough how relieved I am too to hear you are not using them as initially noted. Yes, I totally agree that they are individually worthy of being displayed as ART! Thank you.

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