January 2010 Wrap-Up

It seems like it was just January 1st and here it is the last day of the month.  It was a good month, a very good month.  The DeCaDEnce art quilt show ended, and my piece The Flight of the Hummingbird is back home.  The show curators authored a wonderful book about the exhibit and my copy is proudly displayed.  They did a wonderful job with photography, editing and layout.  Thank-you very much for all your hard work Pat, Julie, Val and Barb.

I haven’t started work on any of the 3 goals I stated at the beginning of the month, but I did finish 4 big projects and have cleared my studio so work can now begin on them, along with another baby quilt.  In fact there are 5 curved pieces cut out waiting to be assembled  for the crazyquiltinternational 2010 challenge and the Bead Journal Project – which will be called BJP from now on. 

January started out cold and snowy, then we had an extended thaw, and now it’s back to cold and snowy.  I faithfully exercised 3 times a week at physical therapy, everyday at home, and am starting to feel like me again.  There is still aways to go, but I no longer need my handicap parking sticker.  Yippee, yahoo!!! 



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