Home Again

I’m baaack!!!  My husband and I took a long anticipated vacation and traveled through Florida for the entire month of February.  We were first time RVers and jumped in with both feet.  I’ll share pictures and stories from our trip with all of you, along with posts of what I’m up to this month. 

At the moment, I’m still doing laundry and trying to get everything put away, but have started my January Bead Journal piece, and am knitting a cotton lace sweater for myself. 

Day 1 – Feb 1st we got up early, finished packing the last minute items and headed out of cold Upstate New York around 7:30 am – really early for me as I don’t do mornings.  😉  We got caught up in one of the February mid-Atlantic snowstorms by the time we reached VA.  The RV park we booked didn’t have anything cleared for us, so we had no water, no TV, no internet and were so far into the mountains, my cell phone didn’t work.  Suffice to say, we were in the boonies with the skies dumping snow and ice on us.

The RV park owners let us pull up close to their home and lent us an extension cord so we wouldn’t have to run our battery down or turn on our generator.  They still charged us full price, but under the circumstances, we were happy to have a place to stay the night.

We enjoyed a warm supper – thanks to the microwave and the weeks worth of home cooked meals I had prepared for the trip – and watched one of the DVDs I brought with us.  It’s great traveling with all the comforts of home. 



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