A Nice Present in the Mail

What a nice surprise I discovered in my mail.  Our mail was sent to our daughter’s house while we were on vacation, and there was a nice squishie from Cathy K (crazyquiltinternational yahoo list).  It seems my name was drawn for the January Challenge pictures.  Every month there is a different topic for the challenge and we post pictures showing our embroidery.  I got lucky and my name was selected.  Here is a picture of my prize:

Cathy really packs a lot into an envelope.  The fabrics are wonderful and I didn’t have a single one of them.  There is lots of lace – new and vintage – trims, beads, buttons, threads, a stencil, etc…  All in all, it was a wonderful surprise and I am delighted with my squishie.

A few more pictures of our travels follow.  This is a picture of our RV site in Titusville:

That’s my husband hooking us up and notice how nice and high the hook-ups are?  This was a really nice location and we even had a storage shed behind the RV. 

From there we headed to Key West.  What can I say about Key West?  Residents definitely have an “island” mentality.  Visitors were thought of as people from the “mainland”.  Did you know that Key West is called the Conch Republic and they even have a passport that is recognized by 32 countries?  Yes, some Key West residents maintain dual citizenship – USA and Conch Republic.

It was warm and sunny (we were checking in close to twilight, so the photo is a bit dark).  This time our RV spot was less than 2′ from the Atlantic Ocean:

There are chickens roaming all over Key West.   During early island settlement, the pirates used to enjoy cock fighting.  I’m pleased to say it was outlawed, and all the chickens were turned loose.  Since the islands are a bird sanctuary, it is illegal to kill them, so they’ve made themselves very much at home in town, in the fields,  and pretty much wherever their little hearts desire.  This one greeted me outside the ladies restroom by Mallory Square:

Isn’t he a handsome one?  I found the whole chicken thing quirky and part of Key West’s charm.  Traffic comes to a dead stop when they cross the street.   



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