March Ogden Art Group Meeting and More Florida Pictures

The Ogden Art Group met last week, and we had a wonderful time.  Show and tell was really good and varied.

First, Lucy was wearing an elegant crochet wrap fastened with a gorgeous silver pin:

Karen made the pin for Lucy, and was a  wonderful shawl pin, don’t you think?  There is no big picture of Lucy wearing the shawl as she didn’t feel well, and who would want their picture on the internet when they don’t feel well?  I hope you’re feeling lots better by now, Lucy. 

Karen brought a grouping of some polymer clay buttons she made:

These are very different from most polymer clay buttons I’ve seen.  There are good size and would be wonderful on art quilts, as a purse fastener, on a hat, or for pins. 

Karen also completed a One Block Wonder quilt:

You really can’t tell from the photo, but it is 3 dimensional and has some great buttons on it.  Pat also was working on a One Block Wonder quilt also, but it isn’t finished yet.  No pictures of that one.

Janet brought 4 quilts all made in preparation for her Circle Play class at Betty’s Quilting Store:

 Each one of these quilts got progressively smaller as she challenged herself to continue using the circles cut from behind the circles from each quilt.  She wanted to see how small she could get and the last piece and I’m guesstimating that the last quilt was about 12″ on the longest size. 

Isn’t her quilting amazing? 

I brought my January Bead Journal Project, which you’ve already seen, so no new pictures of that today.  I used interleaving paper for the first time and was a bit concerned that it would be too crinkly when the project was completed, so tested it by sewing a piece of paper between 2 pieces of fabric.  I hand washed it, and it survived that, so decided to toss it in the washing machine with a full load of clothes.  The paper stayed intact, and it was wonderfully soft.  Yeah, not I can work on February’s piece. 

Now for a few more pictures from our Florida trip:

This was the day we drove to Key West.  It was dusk so it’s on the dark side.  I took a lot of pictures of Route 1, but this is the only one I’ll put on the blog.  It fascinated me to have water on both sides of the road.  What can I say?  It doesn’t take much for me to be fascinated.  😉

We toured Ernest Hemmingway’s Home and I couldn’t get over that there are 55 cats in residence.  He left provisions in his will for the care of his famous 6 toe cats and they have  happily been in residence ever since.   They are used to lots of people and manage to catch cat naps in the middle of house tours:


Yes, that is the bed Ernest Hemmingway slept in and that gentleman was our tour guide. 

As cats tend to be rather curious, I caught yet another one “inspecting” a tourist’s bag:

There are some lovely gardens and I’ll only post one picture of them.   You can see a tiny bit of the house and see that there is a balcony all around the second story.  Great for catching any stray breeze:

That same day visited the Southern Most Point of the USA, and posed for the obligatory picture:

Does it look like we’re having a good time?  Most definitely.  It was 83 that day and when I talked to my daughter back home, they had just gotten 15″ of snow.   It was good to be in Florida in February, very good.

In front of the Waterfront Playhouse Theater there are life size and super life size sculptures:

The first picture of the photographer taking a picture of a worker was to scale, but the dancing couple were enormous.  That’s why I get the people in the foreground in the picture.  They were perfect strangers but are wonderful so you can see the true scale of the sculpture.

We ate at Kelly McGillis’s restaurant for lunch that day, a wonderful seafood restaurant for supper, and ended the day a wee bit sunburned, tired, and extremely happy. 



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