SAQA Visioning Goal Progress

Another bright, sunny day today – cooler, but still a wonderful day. I got my 15 minutes of sunshine and came back inside enthused about studying design principles.

This is what I’ve accomplished so far: 

I’m using the internet, some books purchased with my goal in mind, and articles from Quilting Arts Magaine to research the elements of design.

My reference materials are – in no particular order:

The Art Quilt Workbook by Jane Davila and Elin Waterston – which I really like as it has exercises to do while you learn the subject matter, and it is clearly written.

Finding Your Own Visual Language – A practical guide to design and composition by Jane Dunnewold, Clair Benn and Leslie Morgan – another book I really like as the exercises are numerous and there are lot of variations suggested.

I’ve worked through some of the chapters in both of these books and need to continue working through more of them and revisiting some of my favorite exercises.

Quilting Arts Magazine Issue #42 – an interview with architect/art quilter Valerie Goodwin.  Having a design background in architecture instead of textiles opened my eyes to a different approach on how to create an art quilt.  In fact, this is the article that inspired me to change my Visioning Goal.

The Quilters’ Book of Design by Ann Johnston – this a new book to my library, but I love everything Ann Johnston has ever published so figured this would be a good resource.  I will post a review of it in later posts as I get a chance to read through it.

The Visual Dance by Joean Wolfrom – this woman is a genius with fabric and color, but this book focus on design. I also own her Color Play, and The Magical Effects of Color books, and plan on using them when I explore that aspect of design.

A good internet site I found is John Lovett’s website.  It is for painters, but I found a lot of useful information there.

After spending a couple of  hours trying to narrow down the Principles and Elements of Design, I came to the conclusion that there are a lot of varying opinions on exactly what they are. There were some held in common, but nobody had the exact same list.  All mentioned agreed on:






John included Direction and Size for a total of 7 elements of design.

Valerie Goodwin included Form and Space for a total of 7 also.

Ann Johnston included Pattern and had a total of 6.

My plan is to spend a month on each of the 5 elements of design all the above sources have in common. Line will be the focus for April’s piece, Shape will be the focus for May’s piece, etc… until all 5 of the elements have been explored.  This won’t be an in depth study, but it will be a beginning.  I’m a product of Catholic school education – plenty of religion classes, but no art classes.  sigh   It’s never too late to learn something though. 

Hopefully, I’ll be creating a foundation of knowledge that will enable me to stretch and grow as an art quilter and in all my other textile interests. Who knows how my next crazy quilted, beaded or knitting project will be influenced by what I learn?

I’m so excited. Can you tell I’ve found something that has captured my interest?  Bliss, this is utter and complete bliss.



One Response to “SAQA Visioning Goal Progress”

  1. Elin Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do!

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