SAQA The Design Line – Day 2

Three more pages done and a chapter on Line read.  This time I used India ink and a flat brush for one page:

India ink and a round brush for this next page:

And a Sharpie for the 3rd page:

I was surprised by how long it took the India ink to dry.  And I liked how easy it was to change the line with the flat brush.   Tip it on edge and you get a fine line, flat and you get a nice plump line.  If the bristles clump, lots of little closely spaced lines result.   This was a good day.  I learned how to get different effects with some of my brushes, and learned it’s not a great idea to mix different orientations on the same page.  It confuses the eye too much.  From now on I’m going to stick to one orientation a page. 

As for the chapter on Line?  It took me 2 days to read it.  I wanted to take my time, look at the reference pictures and study each one so I could SEE the lines.  My eye tends to look for color, and it was a different way for me to look at the pictures. Training my eye to look at pictures/quilts a different way, and learning about design is going to take time, probably the rest of my life.  What an enjoyable life I have ahead of me.

As you can tell, I’m still enthused about studying good design principles, and am continuing to do the line pages every day.  I won’t post anymore pictures of them though.  You must be  getting bored of looking at lines on a white piece of paper.  Instead, I’ll start posting the results of some exercises. 

Have a great weekend everyone.  I’ll be back posting again on Monday. 



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