June Ogden Art Group Polymer Clay Buttons and QBL Venue

Happy 4th of July to all who celebrate this holiday.  I’m taking the day to get caught up with 4 months of paperwork, update my poor ignored blog, post some items on ebay – free to list right now, and enjoy some rotisserie chicken later this evening.

Last month the Ogden Art Group experimented with polymer clay.  I brought my mini oven and pasta maker, and we had a grand time.  These are the pieces I made:


Karen – one of the members – showed us how to make a kaleidoscope effect button.  Each one is a bit different, and it was an awfully lot of fun to see how all our little tubes and triangles were assembled to create this effect.

That big art deco type button at the bottom of the photo started out looking just like the first 3 buttons, but I thought it might be fun to put it through the pasta maker before I baked it.  It distorted beautifully and gave an entire new look to the button.

I experimented with the wavy cutter too.  That’s how the small triangle buttons were cut.  And yes, I did mean to have only one hole in all the buttons.  I’ll share with you all how I plan on using them in another post.

My hand knit sweater is slowly but surely growing in length, and I reworked a previous quilt, packaged it, and delivered it so it can be shown at the upcoming Quilting By the Lake venue.  I am quite honored to have one of my art quilts shown there. 



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