Katazome Wash Out Results

I was patient and waited a full 10 days for the pigments to cure on the katazome feather print, but Saturday was THE day, and here is a picture of the piece in the sink:

The orangey sections are the rice paste slowly dissolving, and you can see I did get some pigment wash out from the blue rinse water.  I got a bit worried I’d lose too much color, but here is a picture of the dried piece:


I am thrilled with these results.  The rice paste resist kept the fabric crisp and white.  There was no backstaining like there was with the scarf, and I did not lose a lot of color.  Yippee!!!   Now how will I use this piece of cotton/linen blend fabric?  Any and all suggestions are welcome.  It’s 20″ square. 

We’ve been having some really hot sunny days here. and the lilies my husband planted in between our evergreens were in riotous bloom:

And a close up of one of the sections:

Our gravel driveway is 550′ long, and my husband loves to plant – flowers, veggies, trees… you name it, he’ll grow it.  Our 13 acres was a corn field when we purchased the property over 30 years ago, and now it has over 1,000 trees, and numerous naturalized areas.  Nestling the lilies between the evergreens was inspired though, and this year the lilies outdid themselves.  These are up by the house:

The blue spruce by the house provide a striking background for the mixed lily colors.  If you enlarge the picture (double click on the image) you can just see the grape arbor in the distance. 

And here is a picture of the lilies he planted in a circle around our well head:

The tall pink flowers behind the lilies were my contribution, and the monarch butterflies use them as resting stops as they swoop across our yard.  You can see a bit of the vegetable garden behind the flowers.  So far the deer have really been enjoying our green beans, lettuce, spinach, strawberries and blueberries.  We’re not getting much, but they are dining well.  For some reason, they leave the zucchini alone.  LOL  I’ve been passing out zucchini to everybody I know, and we’ve been eating it like crazy.

And speaking about the deer, brings to mind our little red fox.  We spotted him hunting this evening.  I’m so glad he’s managing to do well. 



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