More Knitting Publications and my Grand Dogs

As I’m looking through my bookcases, I’m finding yet more knitting publications:

Mary Weaver’s excellent books on the ribber – everything, and I do mean everything a knitting machine ribber can do is included in these two books:

Next is the Puffins and Pine Tree book with the Brother Compuknit III pattern book.  Both are filled with great designs for machine knitting and hand knitting:

And last but not least are 7 issues of Machine Knit Monthly:  Lots of great patterns and there is a Singer fine gauge pattern book.  This book has 30 stitch repeat patterns in it and very hard to locate:

Last week, we took a drive to visit my daughter and son-in-law where they keep their boat.  We were going to go for a ride, but the waves were 6-8 feet and we decided it was better to stay put.  My son-in-law – the grill master – made  hamburgers for us, and we enjoyed spending time with them, and our grand dogs:

Are they not gorgeous dogs?  I’m partial to her Golden Retriever – Reilly, but Diesel is starting to shape up.  Reilly listens and behaves beautifully.  Diesel, ah Diesel.  He is quite possibly the most stubborn Samoyed in existence.  He listens when he feels like it, and doesn’t when he is distracted.  If it’s possible for a dog to have attention deficit disorder, this dog has it.  It’s a darn good thing he’s adorable.  It’s his saving grace.



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