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Baking, Aqua Therapy and Knitting

September 8, 2010

I’ve been on a baking kick lately.  Applesauce/ricotta pancakes – surprisingly good, lemon pecan bread – a keeper of a recipe, and 3 cheese muffins were among the last few recipes I tried.  Here’s a picture of my very first muffins:

All I can say is, “Where have they been all my life?”  LOL  These are yummy, and the smell of them baking is divine.  I’ve actually made this recipe twice and since my husband doesn’t like them, they are mine, all mine. 

I got started baking because in my never ending attempt to organize my belongings, I decided to start making some of the recipes I’ve been cutting out of magazines, little booklets, the newspaper, etc… from the past 30 years.   The pile is 3-4″ high, and it’s about time I try them or toss them. 

I swear every tooth in my head is a sweet tooth because the majority of the recipes are for desserts, but I did also make pasta primavera – tossed that recipe – and stuffed 28 – yes 28 – sweet red peppers.  They are about the only vegetable the deer didn’t eat from our garden.  This is the first year they even ate the zucchini, but I did manage to make some stuffed zucchini too – or as my little old Italian next door neighbor called them – zucchini boats.   

Aside from baking, I’ve been busy with aqua therapy and physical therapy.  The aqua therapy is amazing.  The pool cost a cool half a million dollars and is quite something.  The pool floor raises up like an elevator, and you walk onto it.   Then it’s lowered so the water is optimally chest high.  You end up weighing only 1/3 your actual weight, and it’s great for my knees and ankles.  I can exercise my muscles without reinjuring them.

There are cameras that show what our legs and feet are doing, and the floor is on a belt, so you can walk on it like a treadmill.  There are bars for support, and noodles and barbells that float to help with balance.   I managed to sprain my ankle twice using the stupid noodle for support though, so am strictly a barbell user now. 

Exercising in water is great because you are working harder than on land, yet it is low impact.  The water pressure adds resistance to all the movements, and this pool even has jets for yet more resistance.  I’m really lucky this pool was recently built and only 30 minutes from my home. 

I haven’t been sewing or quilting lately, but am slowly but surely working on my hand knit sweater.  Really slowly.  I’ve lost interest in it, but it’s almost 50% done, a complicated lace and cable pattern, and my own design, so will most likely finish it.

I’ve knit it before and I love how it fits, but I’m not crazy about the color.  Big mistake.  I started it with the idea of bleaching  it to lighten it, but now I’m worried that might weaken the fiber.  Maybe I’ll over dye it instead.  

My fabric is calling to me, so either an art quilt or a new purse will be started soon. 

I hope all is well with all my readers and as always lots of hugs…