Facebook, Frogs and Back in the Creativity Groove

Sad to admit, but true, I have been totally absorbed by playing Farmville on Facebook.  It has sapped all the creativity from me.  No more.  In my defense, I’ve been recovering from knee injury after knee injury, ankle sprain after ankle sprain, and have not been very mobile for a long time.  Aqua therapy is paying off, and I’m getting stronger.  I can walk some, do a bit of weeding, and am slowly but surely rehabbing my atrophied muscles. 

Luckily, I live in a beautiful part of Upstate New York and have been entertained by deer, foxes, turkeys and these death defying, window climbing frogs:

Yes, these little frogs climb our living room windows every night to catch their supper.  As night falls, and our lights are turned on, all sorts of moths and flies are attracted to our windows.  It’s like bringing take-out meals to the little frogs. 

These are not short windows.  They are at the top of them and about 10 feet from the ground.  One evening one of the smaller frogs snagged a moth that was bigger than he was.  We couldn’t believe it.  My husband and I were afraid it was more than he could handle.  His rear leg fell off the window, and it was touch and go for awhile, but he hung in there ,and won his hard fought battle.  Watching the ecosystem at work helped pass the time. 

The October RAFA meeting was last Thursday, and it was a good one.  It was the shot in the arm I needed to get back into creating something, anything with fiber:

That is an adorable preemie hat I made from a free pattern at www.youcanmakethis.com   The softest of cottons – Conshohocken cotton – was used for the hat and the flower trim, and the leaves were made with Cottontale 8 yarn.  It was a very light shade of green and I wanted it leaf green, so mixed some paints together to get the color I wanted.

The simple act of mixing paint colors now has me interested in overdying a silk scarf I made a few months ago.  Isn’t it interesting to see how starting out with a simple little project, got my creativity jump started? 

It is good to be back.



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