October 2010 Ogden Art Group Meeting

We had a very nice meeting this month, with beautiful show and tell, and a bead making session.  Unfortunately, my camera acted up and I lost some of my photographs.  Most were of Pat’s beautiful African photo quilt.  Her husband is a terrific photographer, and they printed some of his images onto fabric.  The quilt was spectacular, and Pat added a section of finger weaving that suited the piece perfectly.  She’ll be teaching us how to finger weave next month. 

The fabric beads were a lot of fun to make.  The instructions are in the Spring 2003 issue of Quilting Arts magazine.  Here are pictures of some of the beads:


I passed on a url  for some knotted beads too, and they looked really good:

Various fabrics were used such as fleece,  ultrasuede and cotton.  All of them looked darn good, don’t you think? 

In case any of you would like to try making the knotted beads,  the url is  http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/4443/knotted-fabric-buttons-and-beads


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