Home Sweet Home

My husband and I have been dog sitting for my daughter and her husband while they were out of town, and it is oh so good to be back home.  While I love dog sitting for Reilly, and I truly enjoy living in the lap of luxury – my daughter and her husband have a beautiful home – there is no place like home. 

Actually, I did spend a couple of nights home while my husband traveled back and forth, as my knee got reinjured in my land based evaluation.  I’ve been participating in aqua therapy for the past 3 months, and have made excellent progress.  It was trashed in a  few short minutes.   My regular therapist was out sick, and the person who was covering for him, put me on a machine and left me there for 20 minutes.  I finally asked another therapist to help me off the machine.  

Unfortunately, my kneecap shifted out of place, then moved back where it’s supposed to be.  And let me tell you, that is not a pleasant feeling at all.  To say I’m disgusted is putting it mildly.  The swelling started the next day, so back to  the familar RICE routine – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation .  I am sick to death of that routine.  Tomorrow is my last aqua therapy session – my health care insurance won’t pay for anymore, and I will ask my aqua therapist what she thinks of the mess.  She’s terrific, and will hopefully have some good advice for me.

I finished reading a book, started another, and am making very good progress with my handknit lace sweater.  



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