Comfort Quilt

Last week was GVQC’s meeting – my local quilt guild.  As usual, show and tell was great, and our guest lecturer was Chris Wickert.  She has an amazing trunk show, and was also a terrific speaker.

I brought a comfort quilt to donate:

Members make and donate quilts to distribute  in the community as needed.  It was my version of Jeanne Simpson’s quilt.  She taught it at a local retreat, and it’s made from a 4 patch, cut up, and reassembled.  The two colors I chose gave a blended look.  Here is another picture of my practice block:

The pattern is much more visible in this block as I used 2 fabrics with very different values.

On the way home from celebrating my Aunt’s 90th birthday – with my 91 year young Dad – my husband and I saw the neighborhood farmer harvesting some field corn.   Alas, my camera was at home.  The gold corn was pouring out of the harvester in a stream that looked like liquid gold, twisting and turning with the wind.  I really wanted to remember that image, so got my camera, and drove back down the street.  Drat, the harvester had finished and was way back in the field busily gathering row after row of corn. 

I really, really, really wanted pictures of that golden corn, so pulled off the road, and waited for the harvester to come back up to the truck.  Yes, I was laying in wait for a harvester.  LOL  The sun was shining, it was an unseasonably 61 in Upstate New York – in November!  and before I knew it, the harvester was back. 

Knowing no shame, I got out of my Jeep, and started taking pictures.   The farmer climbed out of the harvester to come and talk to me.  I introduced myself, asked permission to continue taking pictures, and he happily agreed.   I said it was an awfully pretty sight.  To my surprise, he agreed with me.  Usually when a person is working hard, they can’t see the beauty in their labor.  I was very happy that this man liked his job.  So few do.  We chatted a few more minutes, he went back to work, and I took a few more pictures, then went back home to show my husband the pictures:


What do you think? 



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