Quilt Block Variations

It’s hard to believe it’s December 1st already.  The year has zoomed by.  Some of my Christmas presents have been ordered on the internet, and some will be purchased locally.  I’d purchase more locally if my stores had any inventory, but sadly, they don’t.  Even my local grocery store has been disappointing me.  They are introducing too many store brand products, and the quality is lacking.  That forces me to shop at little import stores or mail order.  I guess low inventories are a sign of the times in all types of stores.

Happily, my fabric stores are well stocked, and my personal fabric collection can no longer be contained by the shelves, IKEA carts, and closets in my home.  Time to make something.

I’m a regular reader of Melody Johson’s blog and was intrigued by a square she shared here – 

It’s on the August 4, 2010 post partway down the page. 

The first square I made was pieced similarly to her block:

It took way too long to make as I was using little scraps of fabric for each piece, plus it’s a very busy block because I didn’t do the solid/print combination that Melody used.  Also, Melody made her blocks by strip piecing, and it would be much quicker making it that way, but my scrap fabric drawers – yes, drawers – I have 3 BIG drawers filled with fabric scraps, plus a small box – that barely close, contains fabric scraps that are much smaller.  I couldn’t strip piece using those scraps, and I couldn’t add one more scrap to the drawers/box.  I really wanted to use fabric scraps from those storage areas and those areas only.

The second square I made is the one I’m using to make the entire quilt top:

And this is a picture of how they look when joined into rows:

It’s still using fabric scraps, but simplified.  It’s still a 4 patch design. 2 of the patches were cut from a large print fabric in one of the drawers, and the other 2 patches were made using  3″ squares from the small scrap box, bordered by muslin.  I also changed directions of the muslin bordered patches to make your eye go back and forth horizontally.  I really like this version, and it will be another comfort quilt. 

By the way, I barely made a dent in those scrap storage areas, so more projects will be forth coming.  It’ll be awhile though as I’m having yet more out-patient foot surgery next week, and will be bonding with the sofa again for a couple of weeks.  No walking for the first couple of days, and then only 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks.

The freezer is stocked with enough home cooked meals for a full 3 weeks, and the stitches will hopefully be coming out a couple of days before Christmas.  All I want for Christmas is to be able to wear shoes in cold Upstate New York for the day.  LOL



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