Third and Hopefully Last Foot Surgery

This is what my feet looked like when I came home from the hospital a week ago today:


All I can say is do not get foot surgery on both feet at the same time.  I stupidly didn’t get a walker, and it would have come in handy.  I used my Gondolf style walking stick to lean on when I HAD to walk to use the restroom and go to bed.  The first two days were pretty much a blur as I slept a lot, and this surgery was good for a 10 pound weight loss in 6 days.  I REALLY didn’t eat much or drink much, as I was HIGHLY motivated to stay off my feet. LOL

My husband kept the ice bags coming:

Aren’t those the neatest ice bags you ever saw?  They tie around your ankle, stay in place, and did a super job of keeping the swelling down.  The stitches come out Friday, and let me tell you, I’ll be one happy camper Friday. 

Lots of knitting has been done on my lace sweater.  The right cardigan front is completed, and the left cardigan front should  be finished today.   I’m aiming for the cardigan body to be completed by December 31, 2010. 

Yes, it’s important to note the year.  I started this sweater ages ago (sometime in 2009), brought it with me as my knitting project on our Florida vacation, and put it away when we came back home.  The project was picked up again this past fall.  With any luck, it will be completed for our upcoming trip to Arizona and Texas. 

And shhh, don’t tell anybody, but this lace sweater was supposed to be finished for our Florida trip – not brought along as a knitting project.  See why I used the year when I mentioned the hoped for completion date of the cardigan body?   This very well could end up being my knitting project on our Arizona/Texas trip too.   After all, I still have to knit both sleeves.  There is hope though, as this is a short sleeve cardigan.  LOL



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