Ogden Art Group Library Display

Happy New Year everyone!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful celebration and, will have a happy and healthy 2011.

This is the time of year where people make resolutions and start fresh.  Well, that’s not the way I roll.   I used to make them, and break them.  I used to think everything  would be a brand new beginning,  but then I realized I’m happy with how things are now.  I don’t need to start fresh, and I pretty much stay on track, so I don’t need to make resolutions.  Now I just spend the first day of a new year doing everything I love doing, and eating everything I love eating.  Nothing like keeping it simple. 

Today, I got together with my fellow Ogden Art Group members and we filled the display cases in the Ogden Farmers Library.  What fun we had.  It was wonderful seeing what everyone brought and the 2 cases look darn good, don’t you think?

It turns out one of our members was a professional window dresser.  I’ve know this woman for 15 years or so, and never knew she had that in her work experience.  Another member has arranged the layout for the GVQC quilt shows for years and years, so we had lots of good advice at hand.

I knit the lace shawl in the upper left corner, and am so glad I brought a  bolt of black fabric to use as a backdrop.  I brought a tension rod so it could be hung from that, but Karen or maybe it was Janet, suggested draping it in the corner, and that worked wonderfully.  All the fabric postcards on the black fabric are mine too.  And there is a tiny little piece of crazy quilt embroidery nestled into that montage.  I can’t forget my love for crazy quilting. 

The jacket next to the shawl was Janet’s work.  She also had some pictures of other jackets she had made on commission.  She does a beautiful job with her art to wear clothing.

On the bottom left are a couple of Pat’s pieces.  And the cookie and coffee are Margaret’s work.  No, they are not real.  That steam coming off the coffee is a really neat effect though.  If you double click on the photo, it will enlarge for you, and hopefully you’ll be able to see the steam.  Next to that is my hamster cell piece. It’s mounted on a white canvas and was turned sideways so the display would look balanced.

The next case has 2 quilts by Pat – the aqua one, and the one with rust and purple.  On the same shelf as the aqua wall hanging is a lovely embroidered clutch purse by Lucy, and a beautiful coiled basket made by Karen.

Below the rust and purple quilt is a drop dead gorgeous beaded necklace made by Karen and an elegant purple purse by Lucy.

The middle shelf has a silver and black pillow – another of Lucy’s creations, and a black and gold beaded knit purse made by me. 

The bottom of the case has a book I brought from last year’s Decadence exhibit.  The 2 quilts against the back of the case are included in the book.  The one on the left was made by Karen, and the one on the right was mine.  The quilt laying on the bottom of the case was another of mine. It was in the Blank Fabric Challenge a couple of years ago and was re-designed.  That’s another term for ripping it apart and reconfiguring it.  I much prefer this variation than the one I entered in the show. 

Here is a picture of my fellow fiber artists:

From left to right – Pat, Karen, Lucy, me, and Janet.  Margaret had to leave early, so missed the photo op.  And a big thanks to my husband who took the picture.  He drove me so he could drop me off at the door, and I wouldn’t have to walk in from the parking lot.  He’s a good soul.

Notice I’m wearing summer sandals, in Upstate New York, in the middle of winter?  No, I didn’t get my Christmas wish – I had wished I could wear shoes for Christmas.  Heck,  I’m still not wearing socks, but I am walking without a limp, and my toes are healing nicely.  Hurrah for that!!!  

Here’s my last tip – I promise  – on getting foot surgery.  Don’t get it in winter if you live in a snowy, cold climate.   You might have to wear sandals for 1-3 months, and your toes get mighty cold.  LOL and brrrr



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