RAFA’s January 2011 Meeting – Wire Wrapping

Yesterday was RAFA’s monthly meeting and I didn’t arrive in time to see the morning’s Show and Tell, but was in time for the wire wrapped stone/bead demo led by Varda. 

Here’s a photo of some of Varda’s wire wrapped big beads:

What wonderful inspiration!!! 

I dissolved into laughter as I attempted, and failed to wrap mine.   A good laugh does wonders to refocus me though, so I went back to twisting and turning with vim and vigor.  I should put so much effort into my aquatic exercise program.  LOL

First off, you need the proper tools.  Everyone shared, so I can’t use that as an excuse for not liking my wrapped bead.  I was being a stubborn headed Calabrese though by trying to use a 20 gauge colored wire from JoAnns.  Trust me.  It’s works much better if you use the good 21 gauge, half hard, square wire that Varda suggested.  Plus when you get a good grip with your tools on the colored Darice wire, the color comes off.  In my defense, the black wire would have been lovely against the stone/bead if it had stayed black.

I took lots of pictures of everyone’s beads, but the bead’s shiny surface bounced the flash right back to the camera lens, so most of the pictures came out terribly.  Even using the flash fill adjustment in Paint Shop Pro didn’t help much, so I only have 2 pictures to show.   I chose them by clarity alone, so I apologize to Liz, Mary Louise, Glynis, Val, and Donna for not being able to post pictures of your lovely work.

Here is Janet’s bead:

And here is Anne’s bead:



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