Annual Destashing Report

I almost forgot to give my yearly update of how my house destashing is going.  Regular blog readers might remember that I’ve been trying to organize my creative work spaces, and my entire household, since 2005.  The knitting/computer studio was so packed full, that there was a path in the room, and that was the only floor space available.  My sewing studio had over 50% carpet visible, but there were stacks of fabric all over the place.

I’m proud to say that another 150 pounds of fabric, yarn, books, and other supplies found new homes in 2010.  That brings my total “poundage out of here” to 2,505 pounds!  Can you see me doing a happy dance?  And now I have lots of floor space where I can really strut my stuff!

Being an eternal optimist, I’m oh so proud of myself, but the reality is there is not one empty shelf in the house, the closets are jam packed, my game room is still being used as a storage area, and there is still a long way to go.  My slow but steady approach is going in the right direction, and it is stressfree, so I really don’t care that I have lots more to organize.   When the mood strikes, I tackle an area.  When the mood goes away, I forget about it.  

Obviously I’m immune to peer pressure.  I merrily put on my blinders and ignore the game room. 

My sewing studio is the cleanest it’s been in 30 years, so productivity has increased.  It’s very easy to locate my supplies, because I know where everything is, and there is lots less to move to get to what I need. 

Seriously – not that I get all that serious often – the only reason I started destashing and organizing, was because I realized I was wasting time looking for my supplies, and a dear friend of mine went through a horribly traumatic relocation.  No way would I ever want to go through what my friend did.

It’s oh so nice to be able to open a drawer and know my metallic threads are inside.  My Ikea rolling carts hold lots of my lovely fabric, and all my stabilizers.  And on, and on, and on. For me, organization helps me be more creative, and waste less time.  I’m not getting any younger, and neither is my fabric collection, so the less time I spend looking for something, and the more fabric I use, the happier I am.

Best wishes to everyone in their organizational attempts.  I’ve made a career out of my attempt.  LOL



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