Another Comfort Quilt

My 11th comfort quilt is completed:

My local quilt guild asks members to make and donate quilts to be passed out in the community as needed, and this most recent one was an adapation from a quilt block on Melody Johnson’s blog.  I was pleased with the layout and someone will now be warm and cozy.

This was my first time using June Tailor’s Quilter’s Fusible Batting.  I am not a big lover of fusible battings, but hadn’t tried this one yet.  It would not fuse for me on the suggested wool setting.  I raised my iron’s heat setting, and the fusible discolored one of the muslin pieces.  After replacing the piece and turning the iron’s heat setting back down, I decided fusible battings and I just don’t get along.  Way too many areas didn’t fuse, so I ended up pin basting a lot of the quilt anyway.  This really didn’t save me any time at all.  Plus, I had to go and buy a big package of this, so my next 3 comfort quilts will also have this as the batting.  I most likely will just pin baste them, and skip the frustration of trying to get it to fuse. 

It was fine for quilting though.  The sewing machine needle didn’t stick in the fusible at all, so that was good.  It should wash well and hold up well, but it’s not a batting I will purchase again.

Yet another “new to me” batt came home with me last week too.  This one is Quilters Dream Cotton.  After being unhappy with the big batt, I thought I’d better purchase a smaller sized one this time.  The minute I got it home and opened it up, I realized I should have purchased a BIG batt.  Isn’t that how it always goes?  You end up buying a lot of something you’re not crazy about, and a little of something that you’ll most likely love.  It feels wonderful, and I can’t wait to sandwich this, and make a quilt with it.  I’ll let you all know what I think of it as soon as I do.



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