Art Quilt Workshop

Art Quilt Workshop
This year, I had the opportunity to sign up for an internet Art Quilt Workshop taught by Ellen Lindner, and am thoroughly enjoying being in her class.

You have to use hand dyed fabric, and that is something I certainly have in abundance.   This is the piece of snow dyed Roclon Muslin that I decided to use:

After making 6 different layouts following the directions from Lesson 1, this is how my quilt top is shaping up:

I’m learning a lot, and can’t wait for Lesson 2 to be posted later this week.



3 Responses to “Art Quilt Workshop”

  1. kathi Says:

    I took her class a couple of years ago. It ended up on Quilting Arts TV this season as a UFO!

    • dianemiller Says:

      Oh no, Kathi, that’s such a shame. I’m really enjoying the workshop, and hope to finish my piece for the GVQC show this June. I hope all is well with you and that we get to take a workshop – in person – with AC if it’s in the summer LOL – again. Hugs

  2. Johanna Fritz Says:

    Lovely snow dyeing In the article, you mention “following the directions in lesson 1.” What is the source of the lesson you mention, Thanks.

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