Art Quilt Workshop 2

This small art quilt has gone through 6 different layouts, and after reading Ellen’s advice, I decided to use the last layout to complete Lesson 1:


I’ve come to the conclusion I really need a design wall.  There was one in my old sewing studio, and when I’m too close to a project, I don’t SEE it.  That might sound peculiar, but when a person is too close to a work in progress, they miss seeing the overall impact.  After all, most quilts are not meant to be viewed at a distance of 22″ –  I measured the distance from my cutting table surface to my eyes. 

I’ve been using work arounds such as a long distance viewing lens, and taking photos then uploading them to my computer, with varying success.  I keep on losing the long distance viewing lens – it’s small, and it takes a lot of time to take photos, upload them, view them, move a piece of fabric, take another picture, upload it, view it, rotate a piece of fabric, take another picture, upload it, view it, yadda, yadda, yadda.

A design wall would be a more efficient way to work, and as my doctor kindly reminded me Monday, I’ll be turning 60 this year.  I don’t have time to waste, so a design wall shall be moved into my new sewing studio ASAP.

It’s freshly painted, so I won’t be pinning anything directly into the drywall.  I’ll use a piece of lighweight siding insulation, cover it with felt or flannel, and lean it against the pristine wall.  It won’t be as large as my other design wall, but it will work well for small projects.

I wish my body could stay as puncture free as my newly painted studio wall.  I had a MRI with contrast dye today, blood drawn last week, and yet more today.  The nurse at the imaging center had to move on down to my hands to get everything accomplished today, but I had a really great hair day today.  How often does that happen?  LOL  



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