Art Quilt Workshop 3

Here is the latest picture of the art quilt I’m making:


I really like the addition of those tiny bits of accent color.  They help carry your eye across the light areas of the arrangement. 

I apologize for taking so long to give the results of my MRI.  All is well.  Enough said about that.  LOL  It’s lots more fun talking about my upcoming vacation. 

My husband and I are setting out for the Bead Shows in Tucson, Arizona soon.  We’ll visit some state parks, the OK Corral, stay at a ranch, and then head for San Antonio.  This will be the first time for us traveling to Arizona, and hopefully, I’ll be able to blog about it a bit.  I’ll try to focus on the beads I see, and a quilt show I’ll be attending so the blog stays remotely fiber related, but I’m sure some scenic photos of a landscape that is totally foreign to me will appear too. 

We delayed our start because of the massive storm in the USA right now, and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in it’s path.  May you all be safe and snug in your homes, and I hope nobody loses their heat or electricity. 



5 Responses to “Art Quilt Workshop 3”

  1. Judy Warner Says:

    I like your additions! Do blog about your trip. Sitting in upstate New York for February, I would love to see sunny AZ. What quilt show will you be attending? There is a great fabric store in Sedona if your route takes you that way.

  2. Janice PD Says:

    This is a masterful way to use your snow dyed fabrics. Its obvious you took a lot of time separating out the color areas to form your design. It gives homage to the material rather than simply cutting it out any old way. Love it!

  3. Vicki W Says:

    That’s really lovely!

  4. artquiltma Says:

    Wonderful use of snow dyes! It reminds me of images from the Hubble. Have a good vacation!

  5. thelma bradshaw Says:

    Very interesting! Am loving what you are doing here.

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