Arizona Here We Come

This is what it looked like outside my bathroom window the morning we left on our Arizona/Texas adventure:

That’s a pretty normal view for February in Upstate New York.

One day later, this is what it looked like in Louisville, KY:

 Not exactly pretty, but did you notice no snow?  Yeah, this is step in the right direction.  Green grass had to be coming next, right?  Not exactly.

This is what we woke up to in Little Rock, Arkansas:

Sigh.  We thought we would be done with the white stuff by the time we got to Arkansas.  Nope, it seems they are experiencing one of the coldest winters in over 20 years. 

We were happy we made it to a safe place to sleep, and waited till most of the snow melted the next morning to head to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

All started well, until we got caught behind an accident on I-30.  You know it’s bad when people get outside of their vehicles and start building snowmen in the median.     

Our GPS gal – AKA Gertie came through for us though and after a mere 2 hours – that’s how long it took us to get to an exit ramp – she led us through a detour that got us back on track for Dallas/Fort Worth. Yeah for Gertie!!!

Dealing with traffic in Dallas on a normal weekend is trying, but between the Super Bowl traffic and even more snow on the ground than Arkansas had, the roads were wet, messy, and the sun glare made for challenging driving. 

We missed an exit ramp and ended up circling the DFW airport signs 3 times.  I kid you not.  Gertie kept on trying to get us to take exit ramps that didn’t exist.  You see Dallas is building a few new roads, and lots of exit ramps don’t exist anymore so Gertie had a bit of a meltdown – which matched the meltdown we were having. 

We made it to our destination, but we decided we never ever want to drive in Dallas again.  I’ve been in NYC and that city makes more sense than Dallas.  I’ve driven in Toronto and had no problems.  Dallas – nope, never again.

Oh, and here is where we slept in Dallas:

We both wanted to shop at Cabelas and we ate supper there too.  I had an elk sandwich that was really good, and my husband had a bison burger.  Unfortunatley, his burger was overcooked, and dry as could be.   Being a good soul, I shared some of my sandwich with him.  Then we headed to the fudge section in the store.   As far as I’m concerned the entire store should be full of fudge.  We bought some tiger eye, raspberry chocolate, maple nut, butter pecan, heath bar, and last but not least turtle nut fudge.   It kind of made up for where we stayed.

My husband thought the overnight parking at Cabelas would be full of people in their RVs who would be attending the Super Bowl.   As you can see, there was nary an RV in sight, except for us in our teeny tiny Winnebago ERA.  It’s one of the smallest RVs you can purchase, but just right for us.  It gets between 20-22 miles to the gallon, so the environmentalist in me is appeased.  We almost purchased a 32′ RV a couple of years ago.  It was perfect for us.  We loved the layout, there was a lot of room, but when I found out the darn thing got 7 miles to the gallon, and 6 if you towed a vehicle, I started getting heart palpitations.  I could not leave that big a carbon footprint behind me. 

I’m starting to ramble, so will sign off.  Whenever we have internet on a road trip, I consider it a minor miracle.  There probably won’t be another post from me for a couple of days.  We’re heading to Hueco Tanks State Park tomorrow and hoping it won’t be snowing up that way. 



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