Dust Storms, Tumble Weeds, and 2 Days at the Gem Show

On the road again – I’m singing that Willie Nelson song right now, but luckily for you, my blog doesn’t have audio – for the final leg of our journey to Tucson.  It was bright and sunny and I got a good photo of the Mescalero Canyon before we came across our latest driving challenges.

Winds were gusting to 45mph and we saw all these signs about dust storms.  Dust storms in the USA?  Surely, not here.   Dust storms belong in Lawrence of Arabia, not here.  Then I realized that parts of New Mexico are sand,  lots and lots of sand, and it was on the move:

There are mountains behind that dust cloud, but you’d never know.  Visibility was reduced, but we persevered only to be presented  by our next challenge – tumble weeds.  Now you might think that tumble weeds are picturesque, and I did too with the first couple that rolled across the road, but then they started multiplying, and bouncing, and slamming into us:

Tumble weeds come in all sizes and shapes and we encountered every one of them.  They don’t just roll across the road either.  They bounce with wild abandon.  They bounce so high, that we saw some lodged in the tippy top of a big metal electric structure – the big kind that look like teepees! 

Some of them look like they have small trunks attached to them, some of them are small, some are as big as child’s bean bag, and every variety rolled and jumped right into us – repeatedly.  The jumped over fences,  they piled up against fences and box car wheels:

These were tumble weeds on steroids.

We pulled off the road to get some fuel and there was a kid lying on the ground, kicking the tumble weeds off his car grill and the bottom of his car.  I suggested we eat lunch and maybe the wind would die down.  Happily, it did, and the menacing tumble weeds stayed put for the rest of our drive.

We arrived at our next RV location and are thrilled with this location.   Our RV is next to a cactus museum .  On one side of our RV there is civilization, and on the other is a beautiful cactus park:

We walked around the park and are really looking forward to spending some time in the pool and hot tub, but we came down here for me to do some buying for my business too. 

We spent our first two days at the G&LW Gem Show.   All I can say is I spent a lot more money than I thought I would.  I’ll take pictures of the beautiful beads after we get home and put them on the blog then so you can all see what was purchased.  I don’t have my photo editing program on this computer, and the lighting in our RV is not great for taking photos of beads.

The weather is glorious – mid 60’s with lots of sunshine.    Oh happy days!!!  It was wonderfully comfortable going from tent to tent shopping for beautiful beads and stones. 



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