Tubac Festival of the Arts

I’m behind in posting on the blog because my internet connection here is the pits.  I keep on getting dumped, and sometimes it won’t work at all.  I’m going to ask Santa for a Verizon internet connection before next winter’s vacation.  It seems to be the favored company of most RVers.

Yesterday we attended the Tubac Festival of the Arts.  It was  the most organized art festival I’ve ever attended.   There were a lot of police directing traffic, a lot of volunteers, and they all kept everything moving smoothly.  We were thrilled they found such a nice spot for us to park with our little RV.  Even though it’s small, it takes up more than one car space, and some venues won’t let us park in their lots.   We were both impressed by the entire effort.

The city streets were blocked to traffic, and tented booths were set-up  on both sides of  the streets, plus most of the little shops and galleries were open for business.  As we walked towards the festival, we passed a woman playing the guitar and singing, then partway through there was a great band, and as we sat to eat our gyros for lunch, we sat across from the stage where a talented duo were singing. The sun was shining, the crowd watching was top notch, and the booths were filled with wonderful pieces of art.

This is a juried show, and everything from hand made soap, leather goods, jewelry, pottery,  hats, tie-dyed, batiked and hand woven clothing, photographs, paintings, and my favorite – netal work was well represented.  There was one artist who made the most amazing copper pieces.  They were all large pieces or one would have come home with me.

These artists were not afraid to use color.  Some flowers:


Even some of the buildings are decorated:

And I couldn’t forget this dragon:

Maybe it’s something to do with all the sunshine, or the unbelievably turquoise sky in Arizona, or the proximity to Mexico and the vibrant colors of that country.  All I know is these bright colors were oh so joyful.  I loved them.

A new to us experience was being stopped by the border police for car inspections.   On the way home from the festival, all the traffic along the road was stopped, and each and every vehicle was inspected by police dogs who smell around the vehicle, and the border police ask everyone their place of birth.   After spending such a carefree day, it was a reminder of just how hard it is to protect our border.  The border patrol police have a tough job even in such a sunny, seemingly carefree vacation spot. 



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