Tombstone Quilt Show and Triangle T Ranch

We spent the last 3 days in Tombstone doing all the touristy things, and I will spare you the pictures you can see online if you google Tombstone.  What I do have to show you are a couple of pictures from a quilt show that was going on while we were there.  This one won first place:

And I liked the arrangement in this one:

It was very nice to see this quilt show in the Tombstone Art Gallery, and a nice break from doing all the touristy things.

We enjoyed walking up and down the streets that Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday did and did plenty of spending in the little specialty shops.  I have a brand new cowboy hat and my husband bought a humdinger of a belt buckle.  Now he has to find a belt worthy of the buckle. 

You have to pay to visit just about everything in Tombstone, and we thought all of them were worth the money except for Helldorado, and The Old Bird Cage Theatre.   The re-enactment of the shoot out at the OK Corral was really good though.  The actor who played Doc Holliday was outstanding. 

The last day we were there, I spotted Tombstone Lily:

Is that dog adorable or what?  She has a six shooter on each hip and little saddle bags.  The saddle bags are used to collect donations for the no-kill animal shelter in the area, and of course we gave a donation.  She’s been “walking the streets” of Tombstone for 11 years now and I should think she’s earned a lot of money for the animal shelter.

We are now at the Triangle T Ranch – first place with really good internet access – and this is the view I see from the front window of our RV every morning:

I feel like I’m in heaven.  We are way up high in the mountains, and after taking a walk about the ranch, we are very happy to be camping here. 

We went to the Chiricahua National Park today, and it was breathtaking.  I’ll share some pictures with all of you tomorrow.  I haven’t transferred them from the camera to the computer yet.

We had a very good meal at the “Saloon” on the ranch, and are now happily relaxing in our RV planning what we will do tomorrow.

I absolutely love Arizona.  Between the constant sunshine and the warm weather, this is truly a wonderful winter destination.

I hope you are all snug and happy in your various locations and



One Response to “Tombstone Quilt Show and Triangle T Ranch”

  1. Judy Warner Says:

    Thanks for the photos and the report. Was wondering how you were doing. I have been missing your posts the past few days. 11 inches of snow here!

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