We Blew Into Junction, TX

Yes, that title is correct.  We blew into Junction, TX this afternoon.  There were high winds and humongous sand/dust storms today, and they certainly provided a  good tail wind.  My poor husband had to get fuel for the RV, and he came back into the vehicle looking 10 years younger.  Why???  Because the sand storm was so bad, his hair was full of the stuff.  So was his mouth, his nose, his ears, and his clothes.   He stood up, and it cascaded down his body.  

It took 3 glasses of water to get it out of his mouth, and visibility at the gas pump was about 10-20 feet.  Fortunately, visibility was much better on the road, and we finally outdistanced the high winds about 80 miles before Junction. 

The first thing he did when we arrived at our RV park was take a shower, and the first thing I did was take photos:

Yes, that is water you see behind us.  We are parked along the banks of the Llano River, and it is so nice to see some water in this dry state.  Arizona and Texas are experiencing severe drought conditions, and we were very happy to see there is still some water in Texas. 

It is now 10pm and the high winds have caught up to us.  We will be rocked to sleep tonight.  Yes, the wind is so strong it’s actually rocking our parked RV.  We’re both hoping it will subside by tomorrow. 

We plan on doing some grocery shopping tomorrow morning, getting some ice cream at the Dairy Queen – yes there are still Dairy Queens around, and it is way hot here.  It’s definitely ice cream eating weather.  It was 77 the last time I checked, and that was around 9pm – now that’s hot!!!   Then we’ll head to San Antonio – where it’s even hotter. 

And no, I’m not complaining.  Sunshine is lots better than snow in my humble opinion.



One Response to “We Blew Into Junction, TX”

  1. Judy Says:

    Hello from Michigan, WOW I have certainly enjoyed your travels photos. Truly lovely. Love th Tubac Festival of the Arts. Beautiful colors. My sweetie and I hope to take off in one more year for an adventure out West. Hugs Judy

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