San Antonio

I never did get around to posting any pictures from our trip to San Antonio.  Most likely it was because I wasn’t crazy about San Antonio.  Now it’s most likely a very nice place, but I got sick from eating at a restaurant – I mean really sick – and that most likely influenced my feelings about the city. 

Not only did I get sick, the KOA in San Antonio put another RV in our reserved spot while we were out shopping, then the employee had the nerve to give us attitude about it.  She actually said, “Do you expect me to know where everybody is parked?”  Um, excuse me, yes.  That was her job.  She’s the person who looks at the computer, then shows you to the RV spot that you’ve paid for ahead of time.  No apology from the woman, just lots of attitude.  So on top of being sick, we came back to our RV hook-up taken.  It was a nice level spot with lots of shade too.  We were put in another spot that required us to take out our leveling blocks, and had no shade. 

The office was closed by then, but the next morning I mentioned it to the manager.  I was going to keep quiet about it, but it really was quite rude of that employee to blame us for her not doing her job.  We moved to yet a third spot, and while it wasn’t as nice as our original spot, it was better than the unlevel, shadeless one. 

Anywho, San Antonio just had negative memories for me, but I wasn’t about to let one rude employee, and a very sick stomach ruin the rest of our vacation. 

We saw The Alamo, Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose, the Spanish Governor’s Palace, the San Fernando Cathedral, La Villita, The Buckhorn Saloon and Museum – with the Texas Ranger Museum in the same building, and strolled along the Riverwalk.  We used public transportation to get us downtown the first two days, and drove around town in our little RV for 4 more days.  Parking downtown was not feasible for us, but we would park in one of the Mission parking lots, then hop on a trolley to take us back downtown.  It was a great way to get around San Antonio.

We also went clay shooting.  My husband is an avid clay shooter and manages to locate shooting clay clubs in every state we visit.  The one in Texas was humongous.   It was a gorgeous sunny day, and I was happy to take a walk in the woods with my husband, and push the button to release the clay pigeons when he said, “Pull”. 

We spent 6 days in San Antonio, then headed home a bit early.  It was getting way too hot and humid for me.  I much preferred the weather in Arizona, and we will definitely go back to Arizona again next year.  We’ll probably spend a day or two in San Antonio again too.  There were a few places we’d still like to visit, and South Padre Island would be a nice place to visit also.  And I can’t forget Fredericksburg.  After we passed it to get to San Antonio, we realized there were a lot of places we’d like to see near Fredericksburg, so will be sure to make time for that on our next trek out west.

This is the end of my reports on our most excellent vacation.  We had a wonderful time, and as you can tell, I’m already planning our next road trip. 



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