One Last Snow Dyeing Session – from March

Upon arrival home, we were welcomed by snow, lots of it.  Since I had lots of sunshine stored up in recent memory, I took a positive attitude about it, and enjoyed a session of snow dyeing. 

Here is a picture of a snow dyed t-shirt:

The top had a big rust stain on it from a bad, bad laundromat washing machine, and now it will be one of my favorite summer t-shirts.  It’s actually a bit bluer than in this photo, and I love it.

I also dyed some Roclon muslin and some cotton/seacell fabric that is not supposed to be washed.  Well, it went through the washing machine and dryer just fine, thank-you very much.  All 3 were dyed with the same batch of dyes, and it’s very interesting to me to see how each base fabric takes the dye a bit differently.  I don’t have a picture of that, but the Roclon muslin dyed the darkest, and the cotton/seacell blend was a lighter version of the t-shirt – which made sense as it was underneath the t-shirt on the basket, so the dye had to filter through the t-shirt to get to the fabric.

There is one post about what I did in March.  It only took me a month to post about March, but my excuse is I was sick from the restaurant in Texas, then promptly caught the stomach flu when I got home.  All I can say is I’m very glad March is gone.



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