Rochester Area Fiber Artist’s May Meeting

Thursday was our monthly RAFA meeting, and I managed to get there on time for a change.  It was great to have a chance to chat with my friends before the business meeting started.  Then onto Show and Tell.  Was it ever filled with lots of eye candy. 

Beth is relatively new to quilting and I really liked her block arrangement on this piece:

Caris has been trying her hand at felting, and this is a portion of the scarf she made:

Aren’t the colors wonderful?  Everything Caris tries turns out beautifully.

Donna is our expert felter and this most recent of her shawls was exquisite:

It is so ethereal.  I tried it on, but my body type was not made for shawls, otherwise it would have come home with me.  I really lusted after that shawl.  It was gossamer light, and a truly beautiful piece.

Glynis did a bit of snowdyeing, and as you can see from the photo, she was pleased with all our oohs and aahs when she held up this piece:

Karen made a wonderful basket:

She electroformed a branch, and attached the stone that inspired the colors for this piece to the branch.  This basket fits in the palm of my hand.   It is currently on display in a local library, and we were lucky to see it before the general public.  

Liz was gifted with the most amazing beaded shawl:

Is that not gorgeous?  It’s on a base of very fine silk and I could not get over  how such a lightweight fabric could support those beads.  That shawl was really heavy – about 5-10 pounds. 

Mary Louise is teaching a class at Patricia’s Fabric House, and came up with a wonderful idea – a reversible table runner that is quilted as it is pieced:

What a great idea.  I’m sure her class will have a waiting list. 

Patti – one of our newest members – showed a small quilt with very small pieces:

I love her choice of colors, and wish my pictures from last month’s meeting had been better so you could see some of the quilts she showed last month.  She does everything from snippet quilts,  to applique,  to piecing.  She is definitely multi talented. 

In the afternoon we enjoyed a presentation by Eugenia Barnes.  She is a well known quilt judge and quilt appraiser. who is an excellent speaker.  Eugenia has 2 masters degrees, so she is eminently qualified to speak on the quilt experience, but she is also a highly entertaining speaker.  We learned a lot while we were having fun.  This is a win-win in my book.

One tidbit I’d like to share with everyone is that she does not recommend we dye with tea.  The acid in the tea is not a friend to our fabric.  I’ve read this before, and heard that from people who work with quilt restorations also.  She suggested we use vanilla – the real deal vanilla – not the artificial stuff.  I’ve never heard of this before and can’t wait to try that suggestion out next week.

Have any of you heard about using vanilla to dye small pieces of fabric or lace?  I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried this.  All I know is I’ll most likely crave cookies and cakes if the dyed textiles retain the vanilla smell.  😉 



One Response to “Rochester Area Fiber Artist’s May Meeting”

  1. Ellen P Says:

    What a nice mix of projects you have for your show and tell. That silk & bead shawl was to die for and I like the basket too. I’m in NY also so had to check how far away you were a good 51/2 hours drive north a bit far for me. I’m on CQI also and had checked out your blog a few times before so finally saved so I can come back and visit. An interesting blog you have.

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