Mio Cuore and Hand Knit Sweater

I have been having a ball making a wired heart from Bead and Button magazine.  The pattern is called Mio Cuore and this is my version:

I love copper and now I have a very pretty heart to use in a future crazy quilt project.

My daughter was cleaning out her closet and returned a hand knit sweater that I originally made for myself.  Well, it made me look like I weighed a ton, so she happily took possession.  She looked fabulous in it. 

Styles have changed, and she no longer wears it, so it has come back home to live with me for a bit.  If anybody is interested in a silk, handknit sweater, please leave a comment on this post and we can talk terms.

Now for a regional weather report.  My home is close to Black Creek in Churchville, NY and a quarter of my garden is under water as I type this post.  I dearly and purely hope it will STOP RAINING sometime this Spring.  We’ve had enough, thank-you very much, Mother Nature.  Please send some to drought ridden Texas.  The animals and humans would appreciate a little relief.



One Response to “Mio Cuore and Hand Knit Sweater”

  1. Ashley Says:

    That is a beautiful sweater. It is amazing that you knit it yourself, you are really talented! If it’s still in your possession I wouldn’t mind taking it off of your hands!

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