June’s Gallery Crawl

June flew by and it was filled with an abundance of fiber inspiration.  I’ve already discussed GVQC’s Jubilee quilt show, and I attempted to go to the show in Cazenovia to see the quilts and hear the lecture, but there was a big accident on the thruway and I missed everything.  While I was upset, I will still be able to go back to see the quilts. 

In the meantime, I visited Off The Page – a solo exhibit by Jeanne Raffer Beck.  Jeanne does absolutely wonderful artwork, and I was especially drawn to this one:


Aside from the color – which you will see a trend developing from the rest of the pictures posted today – I loved how the individual pieces related to each other.  Each piece was folded and looped, but they were placed so they created a continuous space where they almost touched each other. 

This particular dimensional piece was my favorite, if I had to choose one, because there were quite a few I would have loved to take home with me. 😉

Next on the gallery crawl was The Parallax show.  19 contemporary quilt artists displayed their latest pieces.  This show was at the Booksmart Studio and it had wonderful lighting, lots of space to view the quilts, and I was very impressed with the location.

There were 4 pieces that I especially liked, but I’ll be sharing photos of 2 in particular today.

This one is by Marcia DeCamp:


I don’t have to say a word about it.  It speaks for itself. 

And the second one is by Linda Bachman:


She used a deconstructed screen printing technique that I hope to try this summer.   I loved how each print was subtlely different from each other, but what elevated it to being one of my top picks was the addition of those appliqued pieces.  It was unexpected, the colors were perfect, and it added another layer of interest to the piece.  Brava, Linda. 



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